David's cherished goat, Cecily, at the window wanting his attention.


Al Abrams & David Dalton – Friendship Spanned Decades


 John David Dalton (January 15, 1942 – July 11, 2022) was a British born-American author and a founding editor of Rolling Stone Magazine.   (Google - DAVID DALTON.)

Traveling to work on stories for publication, they found, themselves, in unbelievable and too off-the-road crazy scenarios to be credible.  But, they did, actually, happen. 

 Gun-Toting James Brown


The Rolling Stones’ Private Chicago After-Concert

Oh! What a Night 

 “Cheers” to DAVID who died on 11 July 2022 from Cancer.  Your escapades with Al and what you wrote for him and the visuals you sent to him for his 70th birthday will be a chapter found in no other music book.  Thank you.