Remembering a DETROIT BOY who believed that history could be told through generational global music.  

We all have our own music playlists.  Music brings us our memories, both happy and sad. 

Let your LIFE MUSIC play.  It tells your personal story.

Whether you played in your high school marching band or played on a high school football team, the music playing on the field elevated the moment.  As you walked down an aisle to be married or you attended a funeral for a loved one ... music surrounded you.  As you jogged or walked on a neighborhood block or park path, music played on your earbuds.  As you attended a live concert, you felt alive with the stage vibrations of the entertainer and band.

Music plays against every global humanatarian backdrop imaginable ... from ordinary moments to extraordinary movements.

Let your music reflect your generation.  But, allow the music of other generations to tell their story too.