Motown’s Press Officer Pens Farewell Lyrics to Inspire & Celebrate Ordinary Global Heroes.

Being the Press Officer for Motown, Al Abrams, was always behind the concert stage doors.  But, a press officer is multi-faceted and multi-talented.  Al co-wrote a song, “I Love the Way You Love”, with Berry Gordy, Motown’s Founder, while in a car.  Marv Johnson was the Motown Artist.

After learning of his impending death, he took the advice given to him by Leonard Cohen – ‘Write final and meaningful lyrics about your view of life with a heartfelt message. Give them to someone you trust. Tell them to follow-through for you.’

In the final days of his life in 2015, Al penned his lyrics. It is his final press release and a farewell to life.  His lyrics are timeless and powerful.  His words reflect the choice ordinary people must choose to protect Family, Flag and Humanity at great personal loss.

 Fight or Flight?        Good vs. Evil?

Al’s last request to have his lyrics set to a musical score is being undertaken by two incredible and talented Motown heroes and composers with vocals by an Israeli artist.  Al wanted his song to meld his hometown of Detroit, MI USA and his Motown roots with Israel and his Jewish culture to reach across all Global Borders and reverberate under all Free World Flags and their people.

Tuning into Al’s Press Officer views where he, always, attempted to blend politics to music to create headlines, we have reached out to numerous politicians to read his lyrics and personalize their interpretation of the lyrics so they may be included within the record’s liner booklet. 

Humanity is on the Firing Line.  Al’s lyrics and the artistry of the music composition and vocals tell the story of courage under fire.   

As this music project moves forward, we will release more information and updates.