Motown Black & White is an important international and inspirational music exhibit without global borders. It reveals the historical story of Motown from the photographic perspective of its young Jewish press officer who believed that music is an open-ended playlist that we personalize.

The home of the Motown Record Label is Detroit, MI, USA. It is the city where the true historical story of Motown begins.

The Color of Motown is neither Black nor White.
The Color of Music is neither Black nor White.
The Color of G-D’s Universe is neither Black nor White.

MB&W is not, simply, centered on one African-American owned mega-music label, but melds other Music Genres; Movements; War; Hope; and Ordinary Life into a powerful and substantial music message that resonates on a world stage uniting generations. 

   Music History is relevant, especially those amazing stories from the unsung heroes that are relegated to, perhaps, an asterisked footnote in a book or never mentioned at all.

Oftentimes, these individuals are excluded from Hollywood and Broadway documentaries and shows. Why? They are the Insiders. They know the off-stage back stories.

Completing Al's story through his penned music books, music and possible documentary has been an epic personal journey for me. My life still travels the world. Al’s life is, now, held within stacks of boxes, photographs, awards, videos, books, memorabilia and the MB&W Collection.

Every solo road we travel on always leads us back to a familiar road called Home to complete life.

Maneuvering through Al’s final handwritten requests to finalize chapters in his Life Book, while integrating my own life has been challenging and intense.

Life is lived Moment to Moment.

Global Pandemic; American Insurrection; Civil Rights; Starvation; Inflation; Democracy vs. Autocracy; Politics; Anti-Semitism; LGBT; Education; Climate Change; Religion; Gun Violence; Immigration; Space Exploration; Cyber War/Ransomware; Drugs/Opiod Deaths; Middle East Affairs; Iran; Vladimir Putin/Russian Regime Invasion of Ukraine; China & Taiwan, Iran, N. Korea +

The Universe is Spinning. Humanity is Struggling. G-D is watching.
Music connects us to the Universe. Music Moves Us. We React.

Every battle we fight to preserve the Sanctity of Humanity needs Gladiators with a compassionate heart, blessed soul & anointed sword.*

WAR Divides Flags – PEACE Unites Flags
World MUSIC plays on…