The Celebration of Life for Miss Martha Reeves on her 80TH Birthday was an extraordinary day for a woman who grew into her life as a Motown artist.  Martha created the annual chapters in her life without ever forgetting her roots; family; friends; and the empathy, compassion and humanitarian activism that ignites on a global music stage.

It was an honor to be present as Martha, graciously, moved from her 80th life chapter into her 81st chapter.

Al’s legacy, Luca (Luca in Hebrew means Light.) who just lost her Dad was one of the youngest at Martha’s extravagant birthday.  And Martha, also, mentioned her grandfather throughout her party.

Martha took the time from her own celebration to embrace and help a little five-year-old girl understand that her father is with G-D and his star is up above.  Martha gave Luca the uplifting music note that only Martha could offer. 

May we all discover that every diverse chapter of our life is a musical note of highs and lows.  The ultimate moment is when we discover the song that will close our final chapter.

*(Martha Reeves 80th Birthday Photo Album will be added.)