Motown: The Sound of Young America
Slogan Creator: Al Abrams, Motown’s Press Officer

Question: Why?   

A Motown book is written using that iconic slogan as its title, yet where in this book does it ever reveal who created this historic slogan and credit him?

The LBJ Presidential Library in Fort Worth, TX hosted an Exhibition - Motown: The Sound of Young America in 2019.  It was curated by the Grammy Museum, Los Angeles, CA.

Both the LBJ Exhibit Coordinators, Public Relations Staff and Bob Santelli, the exhibition's curator and Founding Executive Director of the GRAMMY Museum® when confronted with the question as to who created Motown’s infamous slogan being used for the exhibit title presented us with an answer entitled, “SILENCE”.

Factual history is meant to be revealed; not concealed. It is truly a travesty when any museum refuses to acknowledge and answer relevant historical questions.

Music plays the generational backdrop for our lives.

Music plays History.  Say it again Duke.