History Lesson: Motown's Slogan & Logo & 2 Guys

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Al Abrams, Motown Press Officer & Bernie Yeszin, Motown Art Director

2 Creative Detroit Guys in an Attic at Hitsville, Detroit, MI USA

The history of these two guys is an amazing journey of music, a Black-owned music label and a friendship that lasted a lifetime.

Their shared storyline includes …

Al, Motown’s young Jewish Press Officer, created Motown’s press releases and marketing slogans, including its legendary tagline, “Motown: The Sound of Young America”; "The Detroit Sound"; "Hitsville" and a little known early slogan to answer the phone line, "If it's a Hit; It's a Miracle."

Bernie, Motown’s talented Jewish Art Director, not only designed & created all the incredible album covers through 1968, but also designed the iconic Motown, “M” logo.  Motown's "M" is its world famous moniker. It was publicly on display when Motown:The Musical made its Broadway curtain call.

Together, 2 Detroit Guys melded the press and art for the Black & White Sound of Motown and its artists to take the global music stage.  Two guys in a Detroit attic office sold the Motown story, its image and MUSIC to the world.

The story of their lives is as unique as the lasting tag team bond they made in their shared attic office at Hitsville, West Grand Boulevard, Detroit, MI, USA.

Alexa ... Play some "Motown".

(*50 Requests Made; 50 Promises to be Kept.)