Father’s Day is a reflective day to honor those fathers who have the courage to become the iconic “Dads” we admire in our lives.  

Oftentimes, MIA fathers become a child’s “growing up” mirage.  These fathers leave an unknown imprint on the life of a child they leave behind.

In-touch “Dads” and those men who step into the role of “Dad” are the real global superheroes.  They take their role of being a child’s hero seriously and provide them with identity, love and nurturing.   

The Jewish words, L'dor vador refers to continuity in life. The responsibility of passing on spiritual knowledge as well as cultural traditions to each generation for the purpose of sustaining customs, heritage, and collective memories are vital to the diversity of life in a world of uncertainty.

The power of a dad’s influence is his ability to create a personalized generational legacy to leave for his child to connect with and follow in their own lives. 

Legacy is not only what we leave behind; but who we leave behind. 

May G-d bless every father who becomes a “SUPERHERO” that a child calls DAD.