Remembrance Light

The Yahrzeit in memory of "Al" Abrams will be observed on 10/08/2020, which corresponds to the Hebrew date of 20 Tishri. It is traditional to kindle a memorial light at sunset the evening of Wednesday, October 7, 2020.

The Yahrzeit is the anniversary (based on the Hebrew calendar) of the death of a loved one. In Jewish Tradition it is appropriate to kindle a Yahrzeit light (twenty-four hour candle) at sunset the evening before the anniversary of the death.

Falling leaves in Autumn are always a colorful reminder that February snow will blanket the earth.  

Al Abrams, Motown's press guy, died in the Autumn of his life. 

Music, books, writing and film were his passions.  Journalism and politics aligned with his skills as an artful public relations guy.  Al won numerous journalism awards among them a Canadian award equivalent to a U.S. Pulitizer Prize.

The Detroit Motown Record label is relevant today as it puts a spin on the music that integrated kids through music. 

Al, himself, was only eighteen-years-old when he immersed himself in the fledging record label where he coined the phrase, "Motown: The Sound of Young America".

Detroit's clear Autumn sky is filled with stars representative of those Motown family members who have since passed.   

During this unprecedented global time where the fragility of Humanity is endangering the universe, may we all find a beautiful Fall moment to reflect as to how each of us can change the course of Humanity.

Choose a Motown record.  Put the vinyl on the stereo. And remember ... when.

May G-D Bless our Universe and play the music that will help us heal.