Anthony Bourdain's Solo Journey

The life of Anthony Bourdain, popular CNN-TV host of Parts Unknown, ended when he chose to take his own life.  He was a free-spirited renegade who  introduced the world to the diversity of humanity through culinary culture.

Suicide is an intricate journey and personal decision.  Searching for reflective answers as to the “why” of suicide, oftentimes, is found within a broken heart and a restless soul.  Each life song ends on its own note.

The debate rages about the stigma and betrayal of suicide. 

The emotional and physical stages of our lives change dramatically from birth to natural death.  What happens in-between those two significant life posts may alter how our death occurs.

We extend heartfelt sympathy to the Bourdain family, friends, associates, CNN and to the staff of Zero Point Zero.

To all those who have lost loved ones to suicide … remember them through the celebration of your own life.  G-d will help you through your loss

Sunrises … Sunsets …  Songs in the Key of Life …