Walking in Memphis” amidst a “Sea of Blue” mesmerized thousands of people who lined the streets of Memphis to pay tribute to a fallen Memphis police officer and to commemorate all those ”Blues” who have lost their lives honorably serving and protecting in the line of duty.

The participating law enforcement patrol cars came from multiple states and countries to pay respects to the murdered Memphis officer and their own rank and file.

The wall of people watching as the “Sea” rolled past them on those Memphis streets represented both locals and global visitors.

The “Sea of Blue” police cars with flashing lights and their sirens blaring on that hot summer evening was chilling.  It was not the “Memphis Blues” of Beale Street.  It was the “Siren Blues ” of honor that moved some people to tears.

The “Sea of Blue” is a solemn reminder that the life of first responders and good Samaritans oftentimes ends with loss of life. 

Those people who lined the streets experienced a spiritual revival in their heart and soul on Beale Street that July evening.

MB&W salutes all those in public service worldwide that protect and serve all their citizens with honor, dignity, equality, respect and a moral compass.  May G-D watch over you.


*Walking In Memphis

"Walking in Memphis" is a song composed and originally recorded by the American singer-songwriter Marc Cohn, for whom it remains his signature song. Cohn said the song is "100 percent autobiographical".  He described it as a song about "a Jewish gospel-music-lover" and as "a pretty literal transcription of a visit I made... in 1986.  I went to Graceland, I heard Al Green preach the gospel, I saw W. C. Handy's statue.  But the song is about more than just a place, it's about a kind of spiritual awakening, one of those trips where you're different when you leave."  It reflects on Cohn's experience as a Jew who feels the Gospel spirit of Memphis. 

Abrams believed that music whether Gospel, Blues, Jazz, Motown, Country, Metal or Rap ... It is music that opens up the conversation.  It is music that closes it. 

We move from our lives into the next unknown spiritual chapter awaiting us.  Abrams' soul aligns with the "Memphis Sound".   Abrams walks with Stax on the streets of Memphis.


Walking in Memphis

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