How To Save A Life  (The Fray)   

Step one, we say we need to talk

In Remembrance of MARY GRACE INSLEY (an heiress to the Detroit Fisher Family fortune) who succumbed to the fragilities of her life. 

The General Motors high-rise always glistened in the background while Mary Grace found solace in shiny needles.   

Oftentimes, while purging cold personal files, it puts into video-replay memories of intriguing friends who touched our legacy.   

Mary Grace was beautiful, talented, fashionable, intelligent, sarcastic, humorous, well-read, child-like and politically astute.  Mary Grace was raised within privilege.  But, she also held deep and disturbing internal secrets that she could never erase or escape.  

Mary Grace is a collective memory of friendship, revelations, trust and confidences.  Her friendship was always about life-lines.  Mary Grace might have become a woman of substance; not a woman who abused substance.

As Detroit is renewing and posturing for its future, it cannot rid itself of the drug-afflicted tragedies that are entombed on its Cass Corridor Highway.  Celebrate Detroit’s renaissance but invest in the lives lost to those same once dark and desolate streets.

Mary Grace never discovered DAWN amidst the Cass Corridor heroin, cocaine, crack and drug-infested X-Rated blocks where she wandered to inject and ingest herself with drugs to cope with the physical, mental and emotional abuse she endured and hid.  Yes, she came from wealth but when does wealth dictate on what street you die.

Drug addiction is a one-stop hooking mechanism to cope with ordinary lives changed through extra-ordinary circumstance.

Many individuals and politicians advocate for programs such as DAWN.  How many of these same grandstanders participate in a formal training session to learn how to “Save A Life”?  When you take a DAWN kit you also place your name in a database. 

MB&W advocates for the DAWN program as well as other like programs.  MB&W also advocates for free community CPR, Heimlich Maneuver training, poison awareness/antidotes classes and the distribution of first aid kits for homes and cars.

Simple medical lay-volunteer assistance under Good Samaritan Laws can save lives.

One community; one city; one state; one country … the life of one affects the life of many.

MB&W accepts the gauntlet laid down to become both an advocate for the legal distribution of volunteer drug overdose kits and as a trained volunteer(s). 


*Please note Project DAWN, located in Findlay, OH USA, is only one community-based drug overdose program named for a victim.  Names of local substance abuse programs may vary.

MB&W is a global advocate for the implementation of similar substance abuse volunteer programs. 

All legalities, protocols and formal laws must be reviewed, assessed and followed prior to traveling with and/or using a substance abuse kit.  Various jurisdictional communities/countries do not allow for volunteer medical assistance without a formal medical license.  The volunteer responsibility to administer a substance abuse kit is solely reliant upon each individual volunteer’s assessment of the situation, place and legalities.

Project DAWN Kits include: 2Doses NALOXONE - 2Nasal Devices - 2Face Shields - Quick Reference Guide - DVD Refresher

Law enforcement units also use Naloxone drug kits to save the lives of canines used in drug investigations.