STOP! In the NAME of LOVE.

Women of Zonta are Women of Substance Findlay, OH USA Amazing women and girls have opportunity to aid the international humanitarian causes of Zonta through direct or indirect activism. Please join the gracious women of the Findlay, Ohio (USA) Zonta Chapter by attending their annual fashion event to be held on Thursday, April 12, 2018 at the Marathon Center for the Performing Arts. Motown Black & White will once again participate and join to support these “Zonta - Women of Substance”. What makes diverse humanitarian women and girls illuminate the globe? Hope-Resilience-Respect-Love-G-d. As women, we see the universe through a shared lens where every female whether birthed surrounded by palatial walls; tenement holes; mud huts; or born in an abandoned building or a home ravaged by war … we cherish and value the life of a baby girl for who she is and who she will become tomorrow. She represents global hope. Every compassionate choice we make as women is an opportunity to elevate the status of every female wherever she lives in the world. We have all seen abuse … in our own home; grocery store; college dorm room; street corner; first grade classroom and high school hallways. We, as females, must be the protectionists, risk-takers and the voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. Maybe your voice will save your family; a friend; a child; a neighbor; acquaintance or an unknown individual from the horrors of an abuser. Make your voice heard! Become an activist by volunteering your time. Or, simply attend an event that raises funds for humanitarian societal issues that endanger all lives.

ZONTA Club Findlay, OH USA                                                                                                          Member of Zonta International

Motto: EMPOWERING WOMEN through Advocacy & Service


Domestic Violence & Human Trafficking are global societal issues that require communities to respond, report and care about the lives of women and children affected by their dehumanization.

Three-Hundred and Eighty-Six fabulous women – mothers, daughters, grandmothers, great-grandmothers made a difference by purchasing a ticket to attend a fashion show to raise funds for universal social causes that endanger the lives of women and children.

Congratulations to these women for simply being passionate about freeing women and children from lives few of us will ever envision, let alone be forced to live. 

MB&W was delighted to participate.  Thank you.

*Several photographs courtesy of Nichole Renae Professional Photography, Findlay, OH USA