"I have just been told that I have two days or two months to live. I feel deep isolation. Remorseful. Hopeful. Intrigued. Sad. Reflective. Tearful. Joyous. Lonely. In Love. Should I write my own press release?”

Humanistic awards and accolades presented to an individual are uplifting.  They reaffirm the power of one individual to challenge and color outside divisional barriers that separate us by country, skin, religion, culture, sex , disability, wealth, family and life.

Motown Black & White is not about one individual.  It tells a story about a generation of talented teenagers that grew into their lives together by walking over black and white lines to integrate their music.

One voice whispers; another voice sings; eventually the world listens.

Whether you live in a remote village located in the drought-stricken area of the Sudan, a bombed-out village in Syria, a community devastated by catastrophic weather, water and food shortages or you reside within the perimeters of a relatively safe community … we all live our neighbor’s life.

The resilience and compassion of diverse people to help one neighbor or one animal aligns with the star-power we all have within us.  One dollar or a million dollars donated; one can of food or a million cans of food donated; one life saved or a million lives saved … humanity is both colorful and colorless.

We inhabit a universe that is ever-changing. 

One voice whispers; another voice sings; eventually the world listens.



Al & Nancy Abrams