Tell Me It's Just a Rumor Berry ...

Hype & Soul: Behind The Scenes At Motown was published in 2011.  This highly acclaimed music collectible book reveals Abrams' growing up Motown, Stax and music, books and journalism. 

Hype sets the stage for Abrams' second book, High On Soul: Tell Me It's Just A Rumor Berry

Abrams decided to write a second book to correct the myths, rumors and gossip that restructures actual history. 

Abrams, oftentimes, stated that most of us want our lives to be saintly remembered.  So, we attempt to remove traces of our lives that might endanger our sanctimonious reflection of ourselves. 

Blended into the pages of High On Soul is an actual manuscript about Motown that was written by Abrams approximately fifty-years ago when he left Motown, 1967.  Abrams' manuscript, too, has its own incredible and interesting storyline. 

Music is a mirror into our souls.  Making music is easy.  Write a poem; play an instrument; sing Karaoke; or simply listen and reminiscence about life. 

Becoming an international star on a name record label such as Motown or Stax in the sixties required a press agent willing to be creative and unapologetic during a very segregated era. 

Abrams created the publicity, social aura and drama that still surrounds Berry Gordy and its stable of legendary Motown stars.  

With blessings and approval from Gordy, a young Abrams used his ingenuity to sell Motown to the global media,  as "The Sound of Young America".  The slogan gave Gordy's label a positive crossover spin. 

Motown is as American as grandma's apple pie.

After leaving Motown, Abrams reaffirmed his innate ability as a PR guy to get his clientele maximum press coverage.  Stax Records is known as the "Memphis Sound".