MB&W Diversity Spotlight on Music & Politics


Music is a motivational, inspiring and emotional public performance.

 It stirs feelings, engages and entangles both the heart and soul.

We laugh.  We cry.

We relive. We react.

We seek change.

We send messages.

Music is the raw sound of voices being heard in a global world.


 The Hitsville teens from Detroit, MI --- helped to create a record label that made a historical impact statement about race, religion, ethnicity, culture, socio-economic class, gender, challenges and life.

These kids motivated and inspired the world to take notice of the music they made rather than look at skin color.  They embraced their individual identities. They became a diverse multi-talented family united under a Black-owned record label.  These talented teens inspired a diversity movement through music.  Motown music allowed teens around the world to dance in the street together.

Diversity is about acceptance.  Acceptance is about being human.

Humanity is realizing that diversity exists in our world.

 Music is an integral part of global politics.  Social playlists are released by political candidates worldwide in an attempt to motivate and persuade voters to cast a favorable ballot that endorses them; their political platform; and ideology.

Rock the Universe! 

Don't sitdown; stand-up and dance to the music that moves your feet.