Legacies - Lessons - MB&W

Who is a MB&W Music Legacy?

From Motown to Downtown ... "Born into Music Legacy" children pave their own futures.  And with legacy, comes responsibility.

Legacies will one-day-become the diverse star-powered heroes and heroines of the future.

These legacies may discover their future is as an entertainer, doctor, scientist, environmentalist, humanitarian,  architect, iron worker, electrician, police officer, firefighter, teacher, writer, artist, astronaut, pilot, designer, athlete, lawyer, soldier or political leader. 

Their heart and passion will lead them to a career choice; but their music roots will guide them.  And that music will inspire them to be themselves.

What better way for the future to embrace Detroit, than against its urban skyline.

A beautiful legacy photograph is featured within the Detroit MB&W exhibit.  If you need inspiration, you only need to see this photograph.   

It is a beautiful visual portrait of compassion, passion and love as seen through two unique generational Motown legacies.