Detroit's legacy is the way she moves across the water and embraces the diversity of the people who love her for who she was; who she is now; and who she will become tomorrow.

Motown Black & White is Detroit!

The MB&W Exhibit takes center stage at the Detroit Historical Museum, 2016.

MB&W Detroit Red Carpet

Detroit Historical Museum
Detroit, MI USA

MB&W Blessing

Rabbi Harold Loss (Temple Israel, West Bloomfield, MI) blesses the Motown Black & White exhibit as it premieres at the Detroit Historical Museum (Detroit, MI).

Motown & Al

Mark Clague (Associate Professor of Musicology and Director of Entrepreneurship and Career Services, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI) provides a warm insight into Abrams' interaction with music students and his notable contribution to the music of Motown and other labels.

Stepping up to the microphone is Chuck Daugherty (1960's disc jockey) that Al Abrams dogged to get a record played.

Emcee Tony Mantor (Plateau Music, Nashville) MB&W Premiere

Chris Hutka (Victory Records)

Tom Good (Motown Recording Artist)

Bobby Wilson (Jackie Wilson's Legacy) Sings from his Soul