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The MB&W project is about world music.  Motown created a humanitarian movement by allowing diverse kids to imagine and create music together. 

Their music dream inspired a nation. 


MB&W Exhibit

Please send us an email for inquiries regarding hosting the MB&W exhibit at your museum, gallery, college/university or venue.  (Domestic/International scheduling available)

(Partial grant funding may be available for qualified domestic/international venues.  Please inquire.)


Lecture - Music Education & Symposiums - Social Events with a Soul - Book Signing

Motown alumni and musicology experts are available for both domestic and international speaking engagements. 

College and university students will find views and personal stories regarding Motown, Stax, music, public relations, record promotion, advertising and product branding informative, interesting and colorful. 

Public relations, marketing and branding is what creates music icons and sells their persona and music to the world.  "Hype" creates the "Hit". 

The art of PR and marketing in the 1960's is actually in sync with today's social media websites albeit the Internet provides faster turn-around play.  Western Union telegrams, clowns and radio waves were slower communicators. 

Clowns still either induce panic or put a smile on a face. And onstage presence is always about the artist.


Get Involved

If you are a Motown alum or in the music/entertainment industry and want to get involved in the Motown Black & White exhibit and/or project, please contact us.


Interviews - Announcements 

If you are a legitimate recognized news media outlet, writer, college/university faculty member/student and want to learn more about MB&W, please use the email form to contact us.

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