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Hype & Soul: Behind the Scenes at Motown

"Hype & Soul" is based upon the memories and life of Al Abrams.  It is the script for the MB&W exhibit. 

Acting as press agent for Motown, his responsibility was to sell a Black owned music label as crossover music to the world.  Simply put - all he had to do was “spin” the vinyl.

Berry Gordy, Motown’s founder, entrusted Abrams with a PR job requiring nothing short of music miracles.  Those miracles did happen. 

The Motown label produced Billboard "Gold."  And Abrams instantly became a legendary music PR guru who was young, bold, tenacious and brash in his creative maneuvers in selling that "Gold."

While America was on fire struggling with the Civil Rights Movement, the Hitsville kids of Motown were jamming, eating hamburgers, drinking Pepsi-Cola and creating a music revolution unbeknownst that they were also making history. 

The kids who grew up Motown together never acknowledged skin color as a racial barrier.  They loved music; breathed music; and made music. 

They may have produced Gold records; but their friendships are the real Gold standard.

The HYPE! in the MB&W collection encourages exhibit viewers to vicariously relive those memorable magical moments and share those music dreams with Detroit’s Motown teens.

The exhibit storylines are fresh, original, honest, hilarious, crazy, happy, sad, provocative and poignant.  And they are being told by the kid who put the HYPE! in the HIT!

Motown Black & White is a musical museum memoir of scenarios where black and white kids came of age together. 

Their passion for music became their compassion for each other.

HYPE! is one of the most relevant factors and the most overlooked in the creation of the Motown record label.  Motown became an international music genre through both incredible global PR and disc jockey turntable spins.

Music is HYPE! 

HYPE! is Music. 

And music motivates, inspires and changes lives.

Consider Al Abrams as the passionate PR Go-To-Guy who helped create the HYPE! for Motown’s stars and Berry Gordy. 

Consider all the original Hitsville kids the heart and soul of the Motown record label.

And what was one man's vision then became the "Soundtrack of our lives."