"I was hired by Berry Gordy May 31, 1959. I am a Motown legacy. I am Detroit."

Al Abrams

Portraits in Black & White


1959 - 1967

Detroit, MI  USA

  "It was the time of our lives."


 Every story has heroes … the kids who grew up Motown and made music and history together didn't realize they would become heroes.

   Their incredible and poignant story crossed racial and international lines and delivered a heart and soul message about music, friendship, faith and humanity.

Their entwined lives is what global diversity looks like from the inside-out. 

The Motown kids from Detroit came from every cultural and socio-economic background; different faiths; skin colors; and ethnicity.  Each teen contributed their unique talent to the creation of Motown.

The Detroit Sound” … “The Sound of Young America” was made in Detroit and exported to the world.

Motown Black & White is a realistic and historical portrait celebrating these legendary heroes and their behind the scene stories. 

And it also congratulates all those Detroit, Michigan and global music-infused individuals and artists that have emerged to continue the equality legacy of those original Motown teenagers. 

Every story has heroes …

Motown Black & White tells their story.


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