Remembering the roots of history enables us to identify with it; learn from its truth; and share it.

Black History Month is a somber and celebratory reflection of the struggles, triumphs and dreams of African-Americans.    

America needs to step forward to emancipate people; not go backward to allow encampment of people.

African-Americans toiled in cotton fields and farms under cruel slave owners and harsh weather conditions.  Jewish slaves built the Roman Colosseum that is a glorified tourist attraction.  Men, women and children are enslaved everywhere on the globe.  They are awaiting someone to listen; hear their freedom cry; and to react with compassion and justice to free them. 

Humanity is the sharing of each life and its journey. Integration creates a brilliant rainbow over this world we call HOME

Black History Month allows for African-Americans to celebrate who they are; where they came from; and to share their history with us.

Songs of freedom and of the Gospel gave Black slaves a powerful voice that still sings to the heart and soul of their story.  

 Songs of Diversity surround us.

 The shackles of world slavery need to be broken. 

One Life - One World - One Home - One Song

 Together we will rise up in that one song of HOPE.