Hype & Soul: Behind The Scenes At Motown

Price: 99.98 USD
Extremely rare hard bound Motown book with signed book mark. This music book should be on every collector's book shelf. It is not being considered for reprint to secure its collection value. A relevant companion book is pending publication.

Hype & Soul Original Red Vinyl Record & Bookmark

Price: 25.00 USD
Hype & Soul: Behind the Scenes at Motown by Al Abrams is one of the most desirable Motown books ever published. If you can locate the book, especially a signed first edition copy complete with its red vinyl record and bookmark insert, it will only increase in value; desirability and collectability. A music library without Hype & Soul is like a record collection without classic vinyl. Hype & Soul reveals insider stories about Motown from its legendary press officer. Abrams was at Berry Gordy’s side in 1959 when Motown was a record label looking to become its own hit. Due to the high demand for Hype & Soul a very limited reprint is under consideration. The 2nd edition printing of Hype & Soul will bear a Detroit imprint. The print run will be limited to match the limited print run of the yet unreleased follow-up book by Al Abrams to be published 2017. Publication and purchase information on the second edition of Hype and Soul and Abrams' new book will be provided on an exclusive book tab on the motownblackwhite website. A worldwide media announcement will be released. The 2nd edition of Hype & Soul will not include the initial red vinyl record pressing and bookmark insert. Please note that there are currently three red vinyl record pressings accompanied by a signed book mark to be sold as five individual sets available for purchase. Book(s) are not included in the purchase. These three records/bookmarks were extras from the first edition of Hype & Soul. After these three individual record/signed bookmark insert sets are sold, none will be available. Price per individual set: $25 (Free Shipping within the Continental US; postage added to all other destinations.) Thank you.