NAME Placement on Giant MB&W Record

MB&W is designing an additional display item to feature in its extraordinary exhibit.  It is a cosmic-sized wood-carved record that will feature names of global people, businesses, institutions and groups that listen to the same humanitarian global record being played.

The giant humanitarian wood record being produced is inspired by a talented and amazing group of individuals living with disabilities and their ability to have their voices heard.  This group will be recognized for allowing us to use their imaginative record to create a beautifully crafted wood record based upon their idea.  The original record they produced was a surprise birthday gift for Al Abrams.  Quite a surprise!

Please consider placing your name, family name, business, institution or organization on our global exhibit record for recognition. 

Donation(s) are appreciated toward defraying the cost of placement of name(s) on the MB&W international humanitarian exhibit record but is not a requirement.   Donors will receive a photograph of the cosmic record with their name recognition. 

If you wish to donate more than the amount designated, please contact us on our contact page. 

Thank you for Recording with MB&W.


*The MB&W team will make every attempt to insure the names recognized on the exhibit record are in compliance with MB&W standards.  MB&W has the right to exclude/omit names at-will and without justification either given or provided.